Pastoral Support Groups


 Partners for Progress Ministry

 The mission of the Partners for Progress is to prayerfully and consistently  encourage, support and assist our Pastor at all times, and share the gospel  of Jesus Christ through whatever means necessary toward the end that God  will be glorified. 

 Meeting date and time: TBA

 Contact Person: Sis. Ann Parks, President

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


 Pastor's Aid Council on Evangelism (P.A.C.E.)

 Designed to aid our Pastor in keeping the fire of evangelism burning in the  Mount Calvary Baptist Church by raising the soul winning consciousness of  every member, to the end that he/she will re-evaluate his/her soul winning  activities and become more actively involved in the kingdom building  enterprise through the local church, community and home; to encourage  each member to become a committed soul winner and become responsible  in all areas of witnessing. 

 Contact Person: Sis. Margarett B. Johnson, Director

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


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