Grief Support

"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God."  
2 Corinthians 1:3-4


10 Supportive Resources on Grief

Grief is a process that has no shortcuts.  There are no easy ways around it.  There are no monopoly "skip a few spaces" and arrive in a better place.  Grief always involves a journey with unique circumstances and experiences.  However, through the power and love of Jesus Christ we have a common hope and conviction throughout the process. 

These reviews represent a summarization of collective perspectives from readers' experience with these ten works on grief.  In addition, there is a consistency of support that readers have found useful in moving through the reality of death, grief, and other losses.  May you be strengthened and equipped by the God of all comfort for helping yourself and others along the way.

"Grieving: Our Path Back to Peace" by James R. White
This short and intensely practical reading offers help and hope to those whom have ever wondered if they would ever feel "normal" again.  Many have found this book to be a blessing during the very process of grief that this writer describes so well.
"The Art of Dying" by Rob Moll
This practical resource provides biblical support related to various areas of grief, including but not limited to death, choices when dying, funerals, etc. 
"Lament for a Son" by Nicholas Wolterstorff
This author outlines his personal and theological struggles with grief and suffering over the loss of his son.  He does so in a direct and authentic way that clings to the power and hope of Christ in the midst of suffering.  This is will remain in the grief section of the bookstore for many years to come.
"When Your Family's Lost a Loved One" by Nancy Guthrie and David Guthrie
This couple shares a personal story of pain and loss in a manner helpful for families that are maneuvering through the rough rains of grief following a loss in the family.  The writers do not leave the reader without a feeling of hope as they use interviews and discussion questions in a therapeutic manner.
"Trusting God" by Jerry Bridges
This writer's faith in the sovereign presence of God is felt through his experience of caring for his wife through her journey with cancer.  This Christian classic gives hope in a biblical fashion that encourages and inspires readers to never give up on God.
"When God's Children Suffer" by Horatius Bonar
How does one cope with the confusion and pain of grief and personal loss?  This author provides some practical keys as he explores the reasons that God may allow suffering in the lives of those that he loves so dearly.    
"A Shelter in the Time of Storm" by Paul Tripp
This work succinctly addresses Psalm 27 in 52 chapters filled with an assembly of stories, poems, thoughts, etc.  It serves well as a devotional of sorts that one could walk through on a regular basis.
"What Good Grief Looks Like When a Daughter Dies" by Ben Witherington
The transparency of this author's pen is evident as he walks the reader through the painful discovery of his daughter's death and the difficult journey that followed.  Nevertheless, the writer's testimony summarizes his healing journey:  "it's okay to have tears in our eyes as long as we have hope in our hearts."
"A Grief Observed" by C. S. Lewis
This is a classic read by a prolific Christian writer.  The author addresses grief and suffering, pain and loss, life and death, in a reflective and thought provoking manner.
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