Adult Ministries


 Deaconess Ministry

 Group of Christian women formed to serve, to assist and to minister to the  needs of others in the home, the church and in the community. 

 Meeting date and time: TBA

 Contact name: Sis. Bernice Jennings, President

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 Deacons Ministry

 Contact name: Dea. Ernest James, Chairman

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 E. A. Moss Gospel Choir

 Adult choir named after the late Rev. E. A. Moss, who served as Pastor of  Mount Calvary for 37 years.

 Rehearsal date and time: Thursday before the 2nd Sunday, 6 p.m.

 Contact name: Sis. Dora H. Moore, President

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 Extended Enlightened Elders (E3) Ministry

 The E3 Ministry was formed for all Mount Calvary members who are 80  years of age and above.  The ministry's mission is to motivate and encourage the "elders" to continuously share and enlighten others of their  experiences (their testimony) of being followers of God's Word, "thereby  making a positive, noticeable and appreciable difference in this present age.

 Contact Person: Dea. Ozell Freeman, Sr. and Sis. Ella Mae Wheeler,                                        Chairpersons

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 F. H. Hart Male Chorus

 All male adult choir named after the late Rev. F. H. Hart who served as pastor of Mount Calvary for 11 years.

 Rehearsal date and time: Saturday before the 2nd and 4th Sunday, 10 a.m.

 Contact Person:  Dea. Charles July, President

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 Male Outreach Ministry

Designed to increase male involvement in the kingdom building enterprise for Christ.

 Contact Person:  Dea. Akenga J. Smith, Chairperson

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 Marriage and Family Enrichment Ministry

 Provides spiritual and moral support to families and married couples to the  end that healthy Christian relationships will result.

 Contact Person: Bro. James and Sis. Angela Germany, Directors

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 Ministerial Alliance Fellowship Group

 It is the mission of the Ministerial Alliance Fellowship to assist in carrying out the mission of MCBC through the giftedness of its Pastor and ministers. It proposes to do so through consecrated, compassionate, competent and  committed leadership to teaching, preaching, training, sustaining, worshiping, witnessing and serving from a holistic perspective.  It's focus is  two-fold:  membership and discipleship, or inreach and outreach, intergenerationally, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

 Meeting date and time: TBA

 Contact name: Rev. Dr. Clyde Hill, Sr.

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 Senior Choir

 Adult choir for ages 55 and above.

 Rehearsal date and time:  Wednesday before the 1st Sunday, 6 p.m.

 Contact Person: Sis. Doris Casey, President

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 Senior Citizens Ministry

 Designed to provide spiritual and moral support, along with healthy social  activities to the end that senior citizens may encourage and be encouraged.

 Meeting date and time: 4th Sunday, 1:30 p.m

 Contact Person:  Sis. Jessie Hardy, President

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 Senior Ushers Ministry

 The mission of the Senior Ushers Ministry is to glorify God by being good  servants and providing a Christian atmosphere, good leadership, care and  concern for all.

 Meeting date and time:  First Sunday, 1:30 p.m

 Contact Person:  Sis. Jacqueline Fason, President

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 Singles Ministry

 Designed to provide a caring fellowship that will encourage and enable  single adults to become full members of the Body of Christ; to express the  redeeming love of Christ, and demonstrate an openness to every person so  that they will be attracted to Christ, who can bring wholeness and peace to  their lives.

 Meeting date and time:  1st Saturday, 12 noon

 Contact Person: Min. Shirley A. Norman, Director

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 Women's Worship Dance Ministry

 The purpose of this ministry is to assist and encourage all believers to freely  enter into the presence of the Lord as "true worshippers."

 Meeting date and time:  Wednesday (7 p.m.) and Saturday (10 a.m.)                                                     before 2nd and 4th Sunday

 Contact Person:  Sis. Ann Adderley, President

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


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