Additional Service and Support Ministries


 Birthmonth Building Fellowship Groups

 Organized to provide a close comprehensive and cohesive unit of  believers for social and spiritual support for the body of Christ.  Also  provides opportunities to be good stewards of the time, talent and treasures that God has blessed us with for kingdom building. 

 Contact Person: Sis. Gwendolyn Brown, Birthmonth Groups Coordinator

 Phone number: 706-724-8052


 Building and Grounds Ministry 

 Contact Person: Dea. Charles Jennings, Sr., Chairperson

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


 China Christmas Banquet Ministry

 Meeting date and time:  Seasonal

 Contact Person: Sis. Dorothy James, Coordinator

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


 Decorations Ministry 

 Contact Person: Sis. Clemestine R. Williams, Director

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


 Kitchen Ministry 

 Provides fellowship to the membership during joyful celebrations and  comfort  during bereavement by using the culinary experience which  represents an  extension of Pastoral Care.

 Contact Person: Sis. Janet Hickson, 1st Co-Director; Sis. Annie P. White and                              Sis. Bernice Jennings, 2nd Co-Directors

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


 Minister Mentoring Males (M3) Ministry 

 A Pastor-led Christian male mentoring ministry for all males (boys and men)  teaching by precept and example Christian values and virtues to the end  that all  males will "increase in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God  and man"  (Luke 2:52).

 Meeting date and time:  TBA

 Contact Person:  Rev. Dr. Clyde Hill, Sr.

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


 Pastor's Banquet Ministry 

 Contact Person: Sis. Jessie Hardy, Chairperson 

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


 Scholarship Ministry 

 A scholarship program designed to make a financial investment in our  youth's educational future.  Scholarship applications for the 2019-2020 school year will be available beginning January 15, 2019.

 Meeting date and time:  TBA

 Contact Person: Dea. Ernest James, Director

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


 Silas Norman, Sr. Memorial Library 

 A fully functional unit, containing general and Biblical resource books,  audio/visual aids, and periodicals.

 Contact Person: Church Office

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


 Stewardship and Financial Enhancement Ministry 

 Its mission is to raise the awareness and consciousness of the membership  for God's investment in our lives through temple, talent, treasure, time and  testimony, by illustrative emphasis through scripture, preaching, teaching  and support from other ministries throughout the church. 

 Contact Person: Sis. Beulah Dorsey, Director

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


 Transportation Ministry 

 The mission of the Transportation Ministry is to share the gospel of Jesus  Christ with those who are not saved and to encourage those who are  transported to worship services to commit to the mission of evangelism as  we minister to them. 

 Contact Person: Dea. Eddie L. Hardy, Director

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


 Volunteer Ministry 

 Provides "loving-hearted service glad and free" through the enlistment,  enlightenment and engagement of volunteers for the glorification of God,  the edification of the church and the transformation of the community.

 Contact Person: Sis. Dorothy James and Sis. Ludie Huff, Directors

 Contact Number: 706-724-8052


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